Optics & Allied Engg. Pvt. Ltd (OPTICA) since 1985 has been involved in the development of Precision Optical components, sub-modules, modules, systems to meet the multitude applications of the domestic and international optics community.


In this more than three and half decade journey, OPTICA has established state-of-the-art infrastructure for the Development of Advanced Optical Systems in terms of Equipment, Facilities, Manpower, Skill-Sets, Partnerships (with Govt Agencies-Researchers-Users-Clients-Vendors Sources) in the domains of Optical Design, Opto-Mechanical Design & Development, Precision Optics Fabrication, Aspheric Optics, Infra-Red Optical Systems, Multi-Layer Thin Film Coatings, Filters, Polymer Optics, Precision Injection Moulding, Dimensional Metrology & Surface Characterization, Optical Assembly, Precision Optics Testing, and other associated disciplines of Precision Optical Instrumentation catering to the needs of Medical Optics, Strategic Optics, IR Optics, Visible Optics, Space Optics, Astronomical Optics, Micro Optics, Societal Applications, Assistive Devices, Environment Optics, Commercial Optics, Entertainment Optics, Security Systems, and for a myriad of application areas for the Academia, R&D Laboratories, Commercial Establishments, Industry with a very large domestic and global client-user base.

Apart from developing in-house precision components, modules and sub-systems, OPTICA has in the recent times have partnered with R&D laboratories of national and global repute in their prestigious R&D Projects, to develop on turnkey basis the advanced imaging systems and Precision Optical Instrumentation in the most modern areas of frontier Research and Development.

OPTICA has developed in-house techniques and skills to resolve some of the most vexing design & fabrication conundrums in these R&D projects with a focussed problem-solving approach to deliver cost effective global quality performance systems in prescribed timelines.


Due to this background and excellence in the area of Development of Optical Instrumentation with research as a main fulcrum, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), under the Ministry of Science & Technology (MoST), of Government of India (GoI) has granted due Recognition to the In-House R&D Centre at the Optics & Allied Engg. Pvt. Ltd (OPTICA) as a Recognized R&D Centre in the niche domain of Optical Instrumentation.


OPTICA is the FIRST such R&D Recognised Centre in private sector in the country by DSIR, MoST, GoI in the area of Optical Instrumentation.


Humbled by this recognition, Team OPTICA re-dedicates its efforts to the Development of Advanced Optical Instrumentation in the country and to meet the global requirements.