Mukh Raksha – Faceshield

We are the manufacturer of Branded Quality faceshield personal protective equipment for full face & eye protection Products. If you are Looking for the best Face Safety Cover/ Clear Hard Hat Safety Visor Face Shield / Face Protection / Guard, Make an enquiry and order today! (face shield, hard hat face shield, eye and face protection, visor shield, ppe eye and face protection, full face protection, safety face, safety visor face shield, a face shield, clear face shield visor, hard hat with built in face shield, face safety, hard hat compatible face shields, visor face, full face guard, plastic face guard, full face safety visor, eye & face protection, safety face cover, full face eye protection, face shield personal protective equipment, clear face visor, clear safety face shield)

Key Features

• Easy to Assemble & Use.

• Light Weight, Durable & Comfortable.

• Ultra Clear & Distortion Free Curved Shield.

• Replaceable Shield.

• Swivel Type Rotation for Shield & Visor.

• Covers Eyes, Nose, Mouth

• Protects from Harmful Germs & Infections.

Product Specifications

• Brand Name & Model: Mukh Raksha – Face Shield

• Package Size (mm): 320*300*45

• Weight: 80 gms

• Frames: Polypropylene

• Shield: PET Transparent

• Head Support: Soft Foam

• Head Strap: Soft OEM Elastic

Mukh Raksha Faceshield, used to helps protect the eyes and face against certain impact and chemical hazards, offers full face protection and a customized fit. The crown protector is made of thermoplastic material. The patented window is made of poly-carbonate while the window attachment system is easy to replace. The adjust pin-lock system is easy to adjust and offers a secure, custom fit.

• Helps protect the eyes and face against certain impact and chemical hazards
• Crown protector is made of a high-strength thermoplastic material
• Window is made of polycarbonate
• Proprietary window attachment system is easy to replace
• Easy to adjust pinlock for a custom, secure fit

Mukh Raksha faceshields are engineered to be comfortable, convenient, and functional to help keep professionals and DIYers safe. Designed to help protect the eyes and face against certain impact and chemical hazards. With Mukh Raksha faceshields, we’ve got you covered, so you can focus on getting the job done right. Mukh Raksha faceshield protects face from flying debris while working. Tough polycarbonate window and patented attachment system is impact resistant over a wide range of temperatures. Patented design with replaceable window.

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