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Single Point Diamond Turning (SPDT)

SPDT is a Ultra-precision Machining Process, which delivers surfaces with Form Tolerances within Sub-Micron Accuracies & Roughness within few Nanometers



How   SPDT  is  Achieved ?  

SPDT Process is a Near Ideal Marriage of:

Interaction of Precision Diamond Tool, Controlled Lathe Operation, Deterministic Precision Material Removal, Strict Machining Protocols, Meticulous Surface Characterization

Why SPDT is Required ?

To Deliver Systems with Budgets on Weight, Volume & Foot-Print.
For Neo-Compact Precision Modules.
To Deliver Surface Quality: Sub-Micron Form & Figure Error and Single Digit Nanometric Finish.

Surfaces with Profiles:

⫸ Flats

⫸ Rotationally Symmetric Profiles (Spherical, Oblong & Prolate Ellipsoids, Parabolic,  Hyperboloids)

⫸ Off-Axial Components

⫸ Torics (with Fast & Slow  Tool Servo Accessory)

⫸ Lenslet Arrays

Materials can be processed:

Metals : Aluminum & Alloys, Brass, Bronze, Copper & Alloys, Nickel & Electroless Nickel, Tin, Antimonoy, Silver, All Non-Ferrous Metals, Low-Carbon Steels & Special High HRC Steels

Crystals & Glasses: Germanium, Silicon, CaF2, ZnS, ZnSe, GASIR, Chalcogenide Glasses, AMTIR, HgCdTe, InSb

Polymers: PMMA, Zeonex, PolyCarbonate, PolyStyrene, ULTEM


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