Interference Filters Coating

Filters are the optical components coated with di-elctric multilayer coatings to allow the certain wavelength region and simultaneously reflect/absorb the other wavelengths. Generally different types of filters will be available such as long pass filters which allow only longer wavelength region and block the shorter wavelengths, Short pass filters which allows only shorter wavelengths and blocks higher wavelengths, Band pass filters which allow only particular wavelength band and blocks other lower and higher wavelengths.


Applications of these filters include Fluorescence spectroscopy, Biotechnology, Analytical applications and Flame photometry.


These filters can be designed to any wavelength band to meet the transmission and reflection requirements

Narrowband filters

Wavelength Available Band width Blocking Durability
340, 405, 471, 505, 520, 546, 571, 590, 630, 671,730nm
5 to 50nm
Up to 5 OD

Long Pass and Short Pass Filters

Wavelength Region Steepness Blocking Durability
Up to 4 OD

Long Pass Filters

Short Pass Filters

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