ZnS Multispectral Windows

ZnS multispectral windows

Zinc Sulphite (ZnS) Multispectral windows offered by Optica are made from high-quality optical material, providing excellent transmission across wide range of wavelengths. Their suitability for multispectral imaging systems and durability under extreme conditions make them perfect for many infrared applications. These windows withstand temperature fluctuations, shock, and vibration, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments.

Optica adopts cutting-edge optical fabrication technology to achieve outstanding optical performance for ZnS windows. Our innovative process ensures superior quality and precision.

Key features of Optica’s fabrication technology include:

  • Advanced optical fabrication techniques ensure the high transmission.
  • Capable of fabricating windows of size 25mm to 300mm and thickness 1mm to 45mm.
  • Surface accuracy better Lambda/4.
  • Parallelism maintained below 1 arc minute.
  • Surface defects minimized at levels under 60-40.

Optica developed a robust thin-film coating capability that enhances the transmission of ZnS windows in the Visible, SWIR, and MWIR regions. Our coating process is designed to provide maximum durability, ensuring that the optical properties of our windows are maintained even under the most challenging operational conditions.

Durability standards

  • Adhesion and Temperature cycle As per MIL-M 13580C
  • Abrasion, Humidity, Solubility and Salt Spray As per MIL-C-675C

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