Anti fog scratch resistant safety glasses / fogless glasses helps resist fogging, scratching and UV radiation. If you are in need of Best Anti Fog Safety Glasses or Fog Free or Non Fog Safety Glasses, then contact us today and Order Protective Eyewear! (best anti fog safety glasses, fog free safety glasses, non fog safety glasses, fogless glasses, no fog safety goggles, anti fog scratch resistant safety glasses, scratch and fog resistant safety glasses, anti fog protective eyewear, anti fog safety goggles)

Key Features

• High-Quality Polycarbonate Lenses.

• High Transparency.

• Anti Splash & Dust Proof.

• High Impact Safety.

• 99.9% UV Protected.

• Lightweight.

• Comfortable Nose Bridge Design.

• Can Wear Over Prescription Glasses.

• Wide Field of View.

• Fits Over Prescription Frames Up To 140 mm.

• Molded Brow Guard.

• Traditional Looking Safety Glasses Offering Outstanding Vision Protection.

• Reinforced Sideshields Provide High-Impact Lateral Protection.

• Meets EN166, CE Certified.

• Meets ANSI Z-87 Compliance.


• Frame Width – 150 mm

• Temple Length – 115 mm

• Lens Height – 60 mm


Developed specifically for the Virology Labs & Dignostic Labs, Ideal for Industrial Application, Outdoor Work, Construction Workers, Doctors, Safe for Hazardous Environment. Machine Operators, Grinders & Automobile Shops etc.

Safety Glasses excel at impact protection; however, when the temperature changes and humidity increases, their lenses may get foggy. We can all agree there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to see due to fogged glasses. Reduced visibility is an obvious problem, however, so is the nagging urge to remove your safety glasses continuously. Removing your safety glasses to wipe away the fog exposes your eyes to potential impact hazards. Fortunately, many of the safety glasses we sell are available with Anti-Fog Lens Coatings, which dramatically reduces or eliminates lens fogging.


Protective goggles shield a worker’s eyes to prevent eye damage. They protect against impact and block dirt, dust, debris, chemicals, or liquid from entering the eyes. Goggles have lenses that provide visibility and wrap-around frames or straps that secure them on the wearer’s head. Safety goggles are commonly worn in laboratories, construction or landscaping sites, manufacturing facilities, automotive repair shops, or woodworking environments.

These i-Suraksha Ahan Polycarbonate Anti Fog Safety Glasses are one of the bestselling protective glasses in the market right now. Offering complete protection, they ensure safety from all potential hazards. The wrap-around design makes it sturdy, and they are also customizable, which means they can be adjusted to the required fit and comfort. Another benefit of i-Suraksha Ahan Polycarbonate Anti-Fog Safety Glasses is that its nose pieces and sides are adjustable too. Plus, it does not hamper visibility owing to its double-coated lenses, which keep the tint away.

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