Most Important part of any lighting device is uniformity of Light, it means illumination on the ground or Area to be light should be uniformly lighten up. But when we think about Light distribution with desired uniformity then it is only possible with a  Secondary Optics. Optics’s in-house Optics Design Team is deigning the Lenses with various specification & market requirement such as designing of Free Form Lens, TIR Lens, Aspheric / Spherical Lens or any shape of optics to meet Asymmetric or Symmetric Light Distribution. We are using Trace Pro and Zemax software for Ray Tracing & Simulation of LED Lens Design. Simulation result helps us to understand Lens behaviour with Particular LED & Optimize the Optics (if required) to meet desired result of Lens. Our Optics Design Experts allow us to have a special edge to present our self as unique optics manufacturer in Domestic and International Market.