Many electronic devices not only emit electromagnetic fields which might cause interference in other systems, but they are also susceptible to stray external fields which could affect its performance. As a result, they must be shielded to ensure proper performance.


Conductive coating can be applied to different areas of the electronic system from equipment enclosures to individual devices to prevent the electromagnetic inference by reflection and/or absorption. In general thermoplastics are used in most of the electronic devices to get the advantage of Weight reduction, Design freedom, Cost effective over the conventional metal enclosure. Conductive coating is necessary on thermoplastics to overcome the EMI issue. Common applications of EMI shielding coatings include Industrial equipment, Consumer electronics Medical devices, Electronic enclosures, Sensors, Controllers, Receivers Communication devices, Cell phones, TVs, monitors, displays Military devices, Satellite dishes and radar system, navigation systems 


Common materials used for the coating are Aluminum, Copper, Nickel.  Thickness of the coating will be depends on the Resistance/ sheet resistance of the application.

Coating Specifications

Substrate Sheet resistance (Ohm/sq) Coating Material Thickness of the Coating
All Thermoplastics
0.005 to 1000
Aluminum, Copper, Nickel
Approximately few micro meters

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