Precision Optics

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Spherical Lens

Our vast selection of lens shapes, materials, and lens quality options will allow...

Rod & Ball Lens

Rod Lenses are polished on the circumference and ground on both ends. Optical performance...

Triplet Lens

The Triplet configuration is used in two ways. The three lenses may be...

Cylindrical Lens

It focuses light in only one dimension. Similar to a PCX Lens in...

Achromatic Lens

The most common type of Achromat is the Achromatic doublet, which is composed...

Polymer Optics

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Glass Lens For COB LED

Drawing Download Brochure - Glass Lens for COB LED Send Enquiry >> Send...


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Kinematic Mount

Plane Type Mounts Front Plate will be plane surface mirror held by adhesive...

Filter Mount

Single Filter HolderFilters or test targets are held instantly while sliding them behind...

Laser Mount

Cylindrical Laser MountThis robust mount securely fastens long cylindrical devices such as laser...

Polarizer Mount

Tilt/Rotary Precision Polarizer MountHigh-Precision designed polarizer mounts provide continuous 360` rotation in 2`...

Post,Post Holder & Pedestal System

Post, Diameter – 12mmPost Holder for Diameter 12mm PostPedestal Post HolderPedestal Base Adapter...

Platforms & Holders

X-95 Rail & Carriages

Rotation Stages

Vertical Translation Stages

XY Compact Stages

Dual Rod System

Camera & Accessories

Telecentric Lens

Beam Expanders


Schlieren System

Honeycomb Breadboard

This series Optical Breadboards are offered in a variety of length and width from 3000...

Optical Table & Support

Features:• Excellent damping effect• Features vertical and horizontal isolation capacity• Automatically maintains the...

Breadboard & Accessories

Clear & Semi-Clear EnclosuresMetal Enclosures Send Enquiry >> Send Your Enquiry Name Email...

X-48 Rail & Carriages

Gimbal Mount

General Specification Aluminium Alloy ConstructionTip Tilt adjustment range: +/- 5 degree360 degree rotation...

Lens Mount

Fixed Lens Mount Lens is held in position by threaded rings inside a threaded...

Translation Stages

XYZ Compact Stages

XYZ, ϕ Tip Tilt Stage

Long Translation Stages


Solid Breadboard

Solid  BreadboardGeneral Specifications: Aluminum alloy construction 10mm Thicksolid aluminium plateM6 Tapped holes @ 25mm gridM6...

IR Optics

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Single Point Diamond Turning (SPDT)

SPDT How   SPDT  is  Achieved ?   SPDT Process is a Near...
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