5 Reasons to Wear Anti-Fog Eyewear Blog Detail

1. Combat heat and humidity

Situations involving strenuous activity, temperature, and humidity usually necessitate anti-fog safety eyewear. High-humidity environments create more moisture, which causes fogging. Additionally, high-heat situations increase worker perspiration. This also leads to additional moisture. Individuals in construction, utilities, the paper industry, and the power generation industry often experience challenges with fogged eyewear because of heat and humidity.

2. Manage sudden environmental changes

Individuals going from air conditioning inside to hot, muggy conditions outside, and those going from cold outside temps to a heated indoor environment must contend with fogged eyewear. Food service workers going in and out of coolers, forklift drivers going inside/outside throughout the day, and police officers and other first responders are examples of professions frequently in these situations.

3. Decrease fogging frustrations

Fogged eyewear not only reduces a worker’s efficiency, but it also exists as a constant frustration. This frustration leads many individuals to opt out of wearing safety eyewear at all. The resulting non-compliance exposes eyes to a host of safety hazards.

4. Enhance vision by increasing visibility

Obviously, glasses clear of fog result in clearer vision. Tasks requiring quick reactions increases a person’s need for clear visibility and reliable protection.

5. Improve performance and efficiency

This reason for choosing anti-fog safety glasses combines the four above reasons. Reducing fogging issues significantly increase employee performance and effectiveness. Workers stop removing their eyewear in frustration, and safety compliance increases dramatically.

Huge Anti-Fog Selection

Lens coating can significantly impact the effectiveness of safety eyewear, particularly when fogging is a concern. Anti-fog coatings control moisture condensation to keep vision clear. Today’s manufacturers provide a huge selection of anti-fog eyewear to meet every need. They’ve also developed extreme anti-fog safety goggles for those situations where typical anti-fog coating simply isn’t enough by itself.

Safety eyewear with anti-fog technology significantly decreases eye injury by increasing compliance through reduced fogging frustration. With the anti-fog technology available in today’s safety eyewear, fogging is no longer a reason to not wear protective eyewear.

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