Optica manufacturers Infrared Optics related to

• Spherical Lens

• Aspherical Lens

• All Conic Profiles

• Diffractive Optical Elements of beside surface quality in terms of  form figure and roughness and of pre-described geometrical dimensions meeting with customer requirements.

We explore toric surfaces and free form profiles on experimental basis. Optica is capable to produce IR optical system in large volumes, limited quantities and per prototype development.

We believe in delivering the infrared optics meeting the customer requirement in terms of quality ,cost effective thickness and timeliness.We believe in working together as a co-developer to meet the multiple requirements of our customers.

Materials can be processed:

Metals : Aluminum & Alloys, Brass, Bronze, Copper & Alloys, Nickel & Electroless Nickel, Tin, Antimonoy, Silver, All Non-Ferrous Metals, Low-Carbon Steels & Special High HRC Steels

Crystals & Glasses: Germanium, Silicon, CaF2, ZnS, ZnSe, GASIR, Chalcogenide Glasses, AMTIR, HgCdTe, InSb

Polymers: PMMA, Zeonex, PolyCarbonate, PolyStyrene, ULTEM

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