Precision Optics


We are a leading manufacturer of precision optics. With over 34+ years of experience in this field, we provide a wide range of custom-made & standard optics.

Optica’s optics field has complete in-house manufacturing of coating and testing facilities. Our opticians with 35+ years of experience in grinding and polishing all types of glass like CaF2, Ge, Si, SiO2 and ZnSe working to tight dimensional tolerances, irregularity < 1/10 wave and low surface roughness requirements through pitch polishing processes.

Our area of expertise is the manufacturing of precision optical elements like:


Optical windows


Optical filters

Interference filters

Beam splitters

Optical coatings for:


⫸ Single and Multilayer ARC’s

⫸ Mirror coating

⫸ Dielectric coating for Filters