LED Backlight

A back light is a devise used for illumination in (LCDS) as LCDs do not produce light themselves, they need illumination to produce a visible image. Backlights illuminate the LCD from the side or back of display panel. Back lights are used in small displays to increase readability in low light conditions.

LED (Light Emitting diode) back light is the most popular back lighting for small and medium LCD. The advantage of LED Backlighting is its low cost, long life, immunity to vibration, low operational voltage and precise control over its intensity.

LED Backlights comes in a variety of colors like, Red, Green, Yellow, White, and Blue. LED Backlights have longer operating life more than 50,000 hours and are brighter than ELPS (Electro-luminensce panel).

The LED backlight has two basic configurations- Array and Edge lit Backlight. In both types the LED’s are the light source which is focused into diffuser that distributed the light evenly behind the viewing Area.

In array lit configuration – Many LED’s are mounted uniformly behind the LCD display,

In Edge lit configuration – the LED’s are mounted onto one side of LGP and with a focused edge into the diffuser. It is made in thinner package and consumes less power.

Optica’s unique micro lens molded light guides, backlights are most advanced and efficient light modulation technology, designed micro lenses provides special “transition” area that distributes the light evenly and each micro lens extract light precisely at each point across the panel.