• 50% reflectance, 50% transmission from 250 to 2500 nm
  • Insensitive to the angle of incidence changes
  • Ideal for white light illumination applications
  • 1-inch diameter or 2 square sizes

All standard achromatic lenses that Optica manufactures are supplied with MgF2 single layer anti-reflective coatings on both outside surfaces. Their performance is superior to that of all single element lenses.

Optica also manufactures custom optical elements, including:

  • Negative achromats
  • Lenses designed for finite conjugate systems
  • Lenses whose designs have been optimized for other wavelength areas, such as the ultraviolet or near infrared
Polka Dot Beam SplitterThese lenses have considerably reduced values of spherical aberrations. Best used to replace single components where performance must be improved.Combinations of Two Optical Grade Glassesn
Diameter Sizen10mm To Maximumn
Thickness Tolerancen+0.0, -0.03mmn
Angle Of Incidence (u00b0)ntn45u00b0
Effective Focal Length+2%
Dimension+/-0.2 (General), +0/-0.05 (High Precision)n
Flatnessu03bb/2(General), u03bb/8 (High Precision)
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  • Other Diameter / Thickness Available on Request

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