Tilt/Rotary Precision Polarizer Mount

High-Precision designed polarizer mounts provide continuous 360` rotation in 2` increments for easy alignment. The polarizer can be locked in place while aligned through a thumbscrew to ensure precise repeatable positioning. Threaded adjustment screws are provided to motion smoothly. Two models are offered to meet specific requirements.

  • Continuous 360` angular motion.
  • Thumbscrew lock to ensure angular positioning.
  • Precision M6 X 0.25mm adjust screw.
  • Two different models are available.

Precision Rotation Mount

The 04PLM-2(M) rotation mount utilizes a ring rail with smooth surface for smooth backslash free rotation. The center aperture is fit for 1“ diameter optics such as polarizer, retardation plate which is secured in place with a threaded retaining ring. 360 degree laser engraved scale marked on the front plate at 2 degree increments allows teh repeatable positioning and angular adjustment. A top screw can lock and secures the rotational position of teh mount. Maximum thickness of optical is 0.28“(7mm)

  • Accepts 1 inch optic and up to 0.28i nch (7mm) thickness
  • 2` graduated incremnets and every 20` number
  • Continuous 360` angular motion with finger
  • Thumbscrew lock to ensure angular position

The 04PLM-5 is same features as 04PLM-serial but designed as a  square out form. 360 degree laser engraved scale marked at 2 increments allows for precise, repeatable positioning and fine angular adjustment. The side reading allows a space criteria application. A set screw secures the rotational position of the mount by using Allen Wrench. The square frame can easily to attach with other components.Or, conjunct each other and control both of the rotation individually.

  • 360` continuously rotatable
  • 2 graduated increments and every 20` number
  • Accepts  Ø1″ optics such as polarizer, retardation plate and up to 5mm thickness
  • Lockable by top-located set screw
  • Square outline easy assembly with other parts.
  • Could be combined two together and rotation individual
  • Holder platform removable when not in use

Precision Rotation Mount

Standard sized polarizers are held perpendicular to its optical axis. The inner mounting cylinder is free to rotate too an arbitrary angle. Accuracy is measurable down to 0.5 degree.

  • Models accommodate either 1 inch (25.4mm) or 2 inch (50.8mm) polarizers.
  • Arm provides smooth manual control through 360`
  • Outer ring calibrated in 5` increments
  • May be read to 0.5` with vernier