Optica can offer a variety of optical tables and breadboards with a wide range of sizes available.

The table supports can provide a variety of different levels of damping ranging from a rigid frame up to pneumatic vibration damping options. Various accessories are also offered, allowing for a customized work environment.


• Excellent damping effect

• Features vertical and horizontal isolation capacity

• Automatically maintains the horizontal level

• suitable for honeycomb breadboard an granite plate

• Easy micro-adjustment for extreme precision

• Support heavy loads

• Easy transport with casters and foot masters

Pneumatic Support – Specification

IsolationPneumatic Type
Natural FrequencyVertical: 1.2 to 1.5 Hz
Horizontal: 1.5 to 2.0 Hz
Auto Level ControlLevel Control: 3 auto level control
Repeatability: +or- 0.1mm
Load Capacity400 to 2000 kg
Air Supply5 to 7 kb/cm square of air

Rigid Support

Rigid support is made of economic steel material. Horizonatl level is adjusable through manual control.