Electrical Properties
ParameterTest ConditionSymbolValueUnit
Luminous Intensity Iv = 10mA Iv 150 - 180 mcd
Viewing Angle Iv = 20mA 2θ1/2 110 Deg
Wave length Iv = 20mA WLD 515-520 nm
Forward Voltage Iv = 10mA VF2.8 - 3.2 V
Reverse Current VR = 5V IR 10 μA
Absolute Maximum Rating

• Colour Of LED – Green
• Position of LED is as per shown in the above diagram
• Life of LED is 1,00,000 hrs ( >10 years)

Power Dissipation PD70mW
Peak forward current(1/10 duty cycle,0.1ms pulse width IFP40mA
Continuous forward current IF20mA
Derating linear from 50℃ nil0.4mA/
Reverse voltage VR5.0 V
Operating temperature range Topr-30 to +80
Storage temperature range Tstg -30 to +80
Hand Soldering temperature Tsod 320 for 3 Seconds (3mm from Epoxy Base)
Wave Soldering temperature Tsod260 for 5 Seconds (3mm from Epoxy Base)

Testing Parameters:

Test the Overall Dimensions
Test For Thermal Stability.
Test the LED pins for Solderability
Test the LED position for Polarity
Test the LED intensity
Test the Backlight Uniformity
Test for Black dot, Silver Streaks, Scratch.
Test the LED Voltage at Constant Current
Test the rear & Front Film Adhesive etc