A beam splitter is used to split a beam of incident light in two. Our optical beam splitters are made from high-grade glass materials with laser grade surface flatness and surface quality for tighter tolerance on the beam splitting ratio.


These non-polarizing block beamsplitters are covered with the goal that the s and p segments agree in reflectance at the wavelength of intrigue. This implies they won’t change the condition of polarization of the episode shaft. They are hostile to reflection covered on the four outside appearances. These are not planned for high power use because of the concrete between the two crystals.

Beam SplitterDrawingApplicationMaterial
Broadbandbroadband non polarizing beam splitterLaser beam manipulation, life science instrumentationBK7
Laserlinenon polarizing laserline beam splitterLow power applications BK7
Diameter 10mm To 50mm
Clear Aperture >80%
Flatness< λ / 4 @ 633 nm
Beam Deviation<3 arc minutes
ChamferProtected <0.5mm*45`
Peak Transmission >45%
CoatingAR Coating
  • Other Diameter / Thickness available on request.
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