Optica Dichroic Filters Series have been designed with the assistant of entertainment and architectural lighting designers, which provided a comprehensive selection of consistence shades express perfect images for both interior and exterior applications. Some of the subtle, pale also offer you a unique alternative to create various aesthetic effects for architectural use and characteristic lighting.


OPTICA can provide following typical Narrow Bandpass filter: CWL(nm) 340, 405, 420 ,430 , 450 , 470, 480, 492 ,500 505,510, 520, 532, 540, 546 ,550, 580,590, 600 610, 630, 650, ,690,730,780,830,900,940,1064

Flouresence Filter This is broadly utilized in biotechnology and analytical applications due to its extraordinary sensitivity, high specificity, and simplicity.Soda-Lime Glass, Tempered Glass, Borofloat Glass, Borosilicate Glass
Narrow Bandpass Filter narrwo bandpssWater And Environmental Testing, Clinical Chemistry, Colorimetry, Photometry, Lasers, Color Sorting ,Sensing And DetectingBoroflat
Laser Line Filter laserline filterFlat-Top Narrowband Filters Are Ideal For LIDAR, Raman Spectroscopy, And Other Applications That Require The Use Of Precision Laser Transmitting Filters Or Laser Cleanup Filters. ◎Soda-Lime Glass ◎Tempered Glass ◎ Borofloat Glass ◎Borosilicate Glass
Interference Filter
Mount Diameter10mm to 25.4mm +0/-0.2mm
Clear Aperture>80%
CWL Tolerance±2nm
FWHM 10nm
Peak Transmission>45%
Block <0.01%(X ray to 1100nm)
CWL Shift <0.02nm/℃
Narrow Bandpass Interference Filter
Central Wavelength (CWL) Tolerance±2nm
Full width-half Maximum (FWHM) 10nm
Operating Temp.Range-10° C to +70° C
Surface Quality80-50
Blocking100nm to 1200nm
  • Other Diameter/thickness available on request.
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