Color glass filters stands out due to its selective absorption in the visible wavelength range. The filters appear to be colored if their filter effect lies within the visible light spectrum.
Optica, one of the leading filter glass manufacturers with a wide product range.


Our range of glass filters with more than 60 types includes the following filter types in the visible wavelengthrange from 200 nm upwards:

• Band pass filters, which allow required ranges to pass through selectively
• Long pass filters, which block unwanted shorter wave ranges
• Short pass filters, which block unwanted longer wave ranges.

Color Glass Bandpass Filter are often used for longpass and bandpass filters, coated substrate cemented with color glass which have different absorption and transmission properties across the spectrum.

Neutral density filters, which have a virtually constant transparency especially in the visible range.It often used to prevent blooming or overexposure of cameras and other detectors. they are designed to reduce transmission evenly across a portion of the spectrum . Two types: absorptive and reflective.

Size:Diameter 3 mm to 160mm, Square 5mm to 160mm

We offer following Std Color Glass Filters:

GG Series:Yellow glass : GG400, GG420, GG455, GG475, GG495

OG Series:Orange glass : OG530, OG550, OG570, OG590

RG Series:Red and black glass, IR transmitting : RG610, RG630, RG645, RG665, RG695, RG715, RG780, RG830, RG85

UG Series:Black blue glasses, ultraviolet transmitting : UG1, UG5, UG11

KG Series:Colorless glass with high transmission in the visible and absorption in the IR range (heatprotection filters) : KG1,KG2, KG3 KG5

NG Series:Neutral Density Filters: NG1, NG3, NG4, NG5, NG9, NG11

Graph of all above Filters can be viewed in the image gallery.

Other frequently used color filter:

WG Series :WG280, WG295, WG320, WG345, WG360
BG Series :BG38, BG39
VG Series :VG5, VG6, VG8, VG9, VG10, VG11

Technical Specification
Sizes & ToleranceSize 3mm to 160mm + 0.2mm ( Round or Rectangular)
Thickness Tolerance 1mm to 6mm ±0.2mm
Surface Quality 80/50 scratch and dig
Parallelism<1 arc minutes
Clear Aperture>90%

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Note: All the color glass materials are from Schott or Equivalent Manufacturer

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