Optical Windows are optical glass with polished faces that are relatively parallel. They are used to protect laser output. Always windows are AR coated to eliminate reflection, so AR coated windows offer improved transmission when used in industrial displays or computer monitors. Their high transmission makes them ideal for most industrial and laser protecting applications.

Circular Windowcirculr window12.5mm To 50mmFused Silica/BK7 Sapphire
Rectangular Windowrectangular window12.5mm/12.5mm To 50mm/50mmFused Silica/BK7 Sapphire
Diameter Size10mm To Maximumn
Thickness Tolerance± 0.01mm
Angle Of Incidence 45`
Effective Focal Length+2%
Clear Aperture>90%
Flatnesslambda/2(General), Lambda/8 (High Precision)
  • Other Diameter/thickness available on request.
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