Single Filter Holder

Filters or test targets are held instantly while sliding them behind stainless steel spring clips. Repeatability is maintained by the flat backplate and a right-anle guide on one upright. The threaded hole on the bottom to meet versatile application.

  • Holds 2 inch X 2 inch (50mm X 50mm) square filters or test targets.
  • Round filter 2 inch (or 50mm) diameter are available.
  • One upright has a L-shaped design for interchanging optics without disturbing its optical axis.
  • Stainless steel spring clips hold filters firmly in place.

Dual Filter Holder

This holder is designed to handle for both square and round filters. Filters are fitted in place immediately by simply setting them down; realignment is guaranteed by machined dovetail stops. Additionally, two filters can be held independently. For dual filter mounting, the filters do not come into contact and potential scratching is avoided. The low profile design provides a minimum obstruction of working light.

  • Holds one or two filters with minimum aperture obstruction.
  • Accepts either square or round filters.
  • Hold filters separately to prevent scratching.

Circular Filter Wheel Mount

High reproductive p[ositioning mechanism, and independent double wheels make multiple combinations of filters or optics and up to 6 filters per wheel.

  • Threaded ring locks filters or optics evenly in place.
  • Used with 1 inch (25.4mm) diameter filters or optics.
  • Easy handling, no tool needed.
  • 04RFH-1 allows up to 6 filters to be mounted & 04RFH-2 allows up to 12 filters to be mounted.