Equilateral prisms have three equal 60° angles and are also referred to as dispersing prisms. Equilateral prisms are used for wavelength separating applications. Optica offers equilateral prisms in both uncoated and anti-reflective versions.


Equilateral prisms are normally used as dispersing prisms. As well as standard BK7 prisms, higher index. SF2 and F2 prisms are offered to increase the dispersive power.

Equilateral Prismequilateral prismEquilateral prisms are normally used as dispersing prismsBK7
Dimension+/-0.2 (General), +0/-0.05 (High Precision)
Surface Flatness< lambda / 8 @ 633 nm
Surface Quality<20 / 10 (for BK7A) <40 / 20 (for SF10 & F2)
Diameter Tolerance< + 0.00 / u2013 0.20mm
Effective Focal Length+2%
  • Other Diameter/thickness available on request.
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