Optica Dichroic Filters Series have been designed with the assistant of entertainment and architectural lighting designers, which provided a comprehensive selection of consistence shades express perfect images for both interior and exterior applications. Some of the subtle, pale also offer you a unique alternative to create various aesthetic effects for architectural use and characteristic lighting.


OAEPL Dichroic Series provide you the flexibility to choose suitable colors for your projects and the benesfits of absolute spectral stability in addition to excellent resistance to environmental degradation. 

Optica Dichroic Filters
28 kinds of standard colors
6 kinds of color correction filters. 
Correspond to LEE and ROSCO
Size : 50 x 50 with 1.10mm thickness
Substrate : Borofloat glass material

Long pass and short pass filters are two distinct types of specialized optical filters. Long pass filters transmit electromagnetic radiation with long wavelengths while blocking shorter wavelengths. Short pass filters do the opposite: they pass short wavelengths and block longer ones. Both types are sometimes grouped as edge filters(referring to the steep cut-on and cut-off between transmission and rejection) or barrier filters (due to the rejection of large sections of long or short wavelengths).

Cold Mirror is used to in certain applications where it is desirable to reflect visible light,
but transmit the IR (heat energy) to replace the Hot Mirror.

Long Pass Filter
Long Pass Filters Are Frequently Employed In Fluorescent Spectroscopy. Fluorescence, By Definition, Is The Emission Of Light By A Substance That Has Absorbed Electromagnetic Radiation; The Specific Light Wavelengths Absorbed Are Termed Excitation Light. Because Fluorescence Emitting From An Object Typically Has Higher Wavelengths Than The Excitation Light That Caused It, Long Pass Filters Can Be Used To Pass Only Precise Fluorescence Wavelengths While Blocking Leakage From The Excitation Lamp.​
Soda-Lime Glass, Tempered Glass, Borofloat Glass, Borosilicate Glass​
Short Pass Filtershortpass filterShort pass filters are used in Raman spectroscopy.Soda-Lime Glass, Tempered Glass, Borofloat Glass, Borosilicate Glass​
Cold Mirrorcold mirror⫸ Medical Illumination
⫸ Projection System
⫸ Photo Copies
⫸ Reflector
⫸ Scanner
Soda-Lime Glass, Tempered Glass, Borofloat Glass, Borosilicate Glass​
Hot MirrorDigital photographySoda-Lime Glass, Tempered Glass, Borofloat Glass, Borosilicate Glass​
Technical Specification
HumidityAdhesion. Abrasion Resistance
Available Glass SubstrateSoda-Lime Glass, Tempered Glass, Borofloat Glass & Borosilicate Glass
Maximum Operation TemperatureSoda-Lime Material : 150 °C, Tempered Material : 250 °C & Borofloat Material : 450 °C
Available SizesSquare : 7mm - 300mm & Round : 10mm - 450mm
Standard Thickness1.10mm
Optional Thickness0.55mm, 1.86mm & 2.86mm
Cutting Tolerance± 0.1mm
Color Tolerance ± 5nm of Designed Half Height
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