OPTICA provides many kinds of high precision prisms, including Penta Prism, Beam splitter Penta Prism, Right Angle Prism, and Corner Cube. Our micro Penta Prism and Right Angle Prism are widely used in optical communication, such as optical switches.For more information about Micro Prism,please refer to “Micro Optics”.Other prisms, such as Dove Prism and Roof Prism are also available upon request.

Beam Splitter Penta Prismbeamsplitter penta prismLaser Leveling Instruments BK7
Diameter Sizen10mm To Maximum
Thickness Tolerance+0.0, -0.03mm
Angle Of Incidence 45`
Effective Focal Length+2%
Dimension+/-0.2 (General), +0/-0.05 (High Precision)
FlatnessLambda/2(General), Lambda/8 (High Precision)
  • Other Diameter/thickness available on request.
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