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Aerospace & Defense

Optica has been serving defense to the aerospace industry for over 25 years without compromising any standards. We understand the stringent application requirements in the aerospace industry first hand. We have  long acquired critical procedures from designing to producing high precision optics for harsh environments, which require exceptional performance, stability, and durability that you need for your critical applications.

From prototype production to OEM manufacturing, we guarantee comprehensive in-house support from ground zero. The flow of sensitive information is controlled and tracked.



At optica, we comprehend that nature of optics in therapeutic gadgets and machines can mean the contrast between right or off base findings. That is the reason we have assembled optical architects with unmatched experience to plan and create positive guidelines for our medicinal clients. Alongside in-house capacities, we can create your model with most astounding norms of value control.

Your choice from a kind of substrate to required specs can at last influence your framework execution. Notwithstanding optical material, optics in restorative gadgets request complete and exact determination of superb exactness coatings. We are here to help you.


Advances in nanotechnology have permitted the production of new regions of research, to be specific NANO-optics or NANOphotonics. This field contemplates the conduct of light on the nanoscale and the association of nanoscale objects with light. Presently, the applications lines are incorporated into optoelectronics and microelectronics, sun oriented cells, sensors, spectroscopy, microscopy, and others. In the key field, Plasmon’s and metal optics, Near-field optics, Metamaterials, are concentrated opening new lines of examination and leap forward in the applications.



Optica is engaged with assembling and advancement of LED Optics and Lighting. Optica gives the best quality items in Architectural lighting, Automotive lighting, Medical lighting, Military LED lighting and Projection Lenses and so on.


We speak to organizations that have in-house producing offices that can create essentially any focal points circular, aspheric, tube shaped or level surface, in any amounts. We oblige many standard optical channels, bandpass channels, dichroic shaft splitters, edge and indent channels, raman spectroscopy, channels, mirrors, waveplates, crystals, ultrafast laser optics and fluorescence channel sets.

We have covered laser optics, hindrance plates, ir laser optics, focal point frameworks. We can likewise give custom arrangements and configuration support.

We can likewise supply an assortment of thin film coatings for your focal point, including against reflection, upgraded reflection, pillar splitter, channel, polarization-advanced, and high fluence level coatings.



Over  35 + years’ involvement, Optica structures and makes infusion shaped segments in thermoplastic materials for the car business in consistence with ISO norms.

We have the limit and the experience for complex improvements of optical or essentially genuinely straightforward parts.


Electronic & Opto-Electronic

Optica supports  in the field of Electronic & Opto-Electronic fields.

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