Our Capabilities


Area of Expertise:
  • LensesAll kinds of lenses of diameter from 6mm – 300mm with high accuracy.
  • Windows: Diameter up to 900mm, Thickness up to 200mm with good surface quality.
  • Optical Filters: Color glass filters from Schott, Hoya, etc. in required dimensions.
  • Prisms: Right Angle, Dove, Retro reflector, Penta prism, Equilateral and wedge prisms with tight tolerances.
  • Interference Filters: Wavelength 340nm to 1600nm, Bandwidth 6 to 50nm, Dia.10mm to 25mm.
  • Beam Splitters: Plate as well as Cube Beam Splitters with Transmission, Reflection ratio equal to 50:50 and 70:30
  • Material can be Processed: BK-7, Fused Silica, Pyrex, Zn Se, Germanium, Si, Zerodur, Sapphire, etc.
Core Competence:

We can able to make high precision optical elements with tight tolerances for space applications

  • Surface Figure: We can make flat or curvature optical surface figure up to λ/10
  • Radius of Curvature: We can maintain ROC tolerances ±5μm
  • Thickness: Thickness tolerances ±5μm
  • Diameter: Diameter tolerance ±5μm
  • Surface: Scratch, Dig ratio up to 20:10
  • Prism Angle: Angle tolerance ≤5 arc seconds
  • Lens Centering Error: We can maintain lens centering error <30”
Manufacturing Facility:
  • High precision optical polishing machines from LOH, Korea and Taiwan
  • Lens Auto centering & Edging machine from LOH and Sidai-Korea
  • High accuracy lens curve generator machines from Rogers & Clarke, Sidai-Korea
  • High-speed lapping and polishing machines from Taiwan
  • Ultrasonic cleaning equipment
  • Optical cementing equipment
  • Glass surface grinding and slitting machines
  • Clean rooms for assembly of optics
Inspection Facility:
  • Zygo Interferometer for inspecting optical surface quality, Radius of Curvature and surface figure
  • NIKON Auto-Collimator for measuring prism angles
  • Optical Test Station (OEG Germany) for measuring EFL, BFL, Radius of curvature, MTF and Centering Errors of single Lens as well as optical systems with 2µm accuracy
  • Taylor-Hobson Talysurf-PGI1250 for measuring form accuracy and surface finish <1µm of spherical as well as aspherical lenses
  • Monochromatic light sources, Stain Test equipment, Video measuring systems ( +/-3 Micron Accuracy)
  • Digital Micrometer and Vernier calipers of various ranges, Bevel Protractors, etc.
  • Digital Height Gauges with Ruby and Sapphire tips with measuring accuracy <2µm
  • Digital and analog micron dial gauges with measuring accuracy <2µm
  • TMC Vibration free table


Area Of Expertise:
  • Wide variety of Mounts: Mirror mounts, Lens mounts, Self centering lens mounts, Gimbal mounts, etc.
  • Lens Barrels: Precision barrels for Beam Expanders, Telescopes, Microscopic Objectives, Eyepieces, etc.
  • Translation / Rotation stages: Compact Translation stages, XYZ Translation stages, Long /Medium Travel Stages, Rotation stages, Heavy Duty Rotation stages etc..
  • Motorized products: Translation/ Rotation Stages with Integrated Controller, Motorized Mirror Mounts, Motorized Filter Wheels, etc.
  • Mount/Stage Accessories: Post, Post Holder, Post base, Translating Post Holder, Lens Adapters, Aluminum Bread Boards, etc.
Core Competence:
  • Custom Opto-mechanical Designs & Manufacturing Support for precision applications
  • Opto-mechanical manufacturing facility for high accuracy dimensional tolerances <5u00b5m
Manufacturing Facility
  • CNC machining Center ( BFW)
  • CNC Turning Center ( HAAS u2013USA)
  • Conventional Milling machines with DRO, Radial Drilling, Surface Grinding, etc.
  • Conventional Lathe machines
Inspection Facility
  • Video measuring systems with measuring accuracy <3u00b5m
  • Digital Micrometer and vernier calipers of various ranges
  • Digital Height Gauges with measuring accuracy <3u00b5m
  • Digital and analog micron dial gauges with measuring accuracy <3u00b5m, Bevel Protractors, etc.


Area Of Expertise:
  • Broad Band Anti Reflection Coatings for required bands of wavelength
  • Multi Layer Anti Reflection Coatings for wide wavelength ranges
  • Single layer ARC for required wavelengths
  • Interference filters of required peak wavelengths and band widths
  • Multi layer Dielectric coatings for Beam splitters of required T/R ratios
  • Cold mirrors, Hot mirrors, Filters, etc.
  • Gold Coating for IR
  • Enhanced and protective Aluminium coating for Mirrors of UV and Visible applications
Core Competence:
  • Hard and long lasting Mirror coatings for UV and Visible range applications
  • Multi-Layer Anti Reflection Coatings with R<0.2% for wide wavelength ranges with required Angles of Incidence (AOI)
  • Anti Reflection and High Reflection Coatings for wavelengths of 808nm, 1064nm, etc.
Manufacturing Facility:
  • Balzers BAK760 Batch Coating System
  • Hind High Vacuum (HHV) coating unit
  • Vacuutek Mirror coating unit with 1.2m vacuum chamber
  • Ultrasonic agitator cleaning facility
  • Laminar flow chambers
Inspection Facility:
  • Perkin Elmer Spectrophotometer Lambda-25 for UV- Visible- Near IR to measure Transmission, Reflection and Absorption characteristics of coated optical elements
  • Adhesion and Abrasion resistance testing instruments
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