Part Number: OPLLC0013

12° Par Lens With Holder For Edison LED

Material  : PMMA

Lens Operating Temperature : -40°C to +80°C

Lens Dimensions : Dia 19.36mm & Height 13.50mm

Holder Dimensions : Dia 23.40mm & Height 17.50mm

LED compatibility : Package of Dia 8.00mm


Par Lens with Holder for Edison LED Package

This Lens is mainly used for LED Down Light to get light in proper direction and angle.

LED Lens is clear and giving light beam angle between 20 degree to 30 degree.This Par Lens for LED Down Light is assembled with holder and suitable for Edison LED Package.

We manufacture this lens and capable of supplying any quantity as per customer requirement. 

Below mentioned table will give a fair information on properties of LED Par Lens with Edison LED.

Datasheet also can be downloaded accordingly from the table.

S.NoLED Manufacturer LED Model FWHM Angle (°) FWTM Angle (°) Cd/lm Efficiency (%) Datasheet
1EdisonEdixeon Series12.034.07.8186.0